Local Musician to be featured on tonight’s “Duets” – and at U-District Pub

Quickly becoming a local legend, singer Johnny Gray, who was featured last year on Evening Magazine’s “You’ve Got Talent,” will be showcasing his voice once again tonight on the season premier of ABC’s “Duets” at 8pm.  The competition show pairs local talent like Gray with big name superstars Jennifer Nettles, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Robin Thicke.

In celebration of the show, Johnny Gray and his band will perform tonight at The Rock and Roll Grill, located at 4209 University Way NE in the U-District.  The band plays at 7 pm, and afterwards the show will be aired at The Grill at 8.

Gray’s band consists of drummer Matt Williams, bass player Adam Bishop, and guitarist Sam Shin.  Bishop, a local Green Lake resident, is excited for tonight.  “I wish I wasn’t playing,” said Bishop. “I wish I could just sit back and watch!”  The entire band is excited to come out and support Johnny Gray.

Great to see local talent making big headlines – hope to see you out there!

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