New Pub & Eatery ‘The Publican’ Opens Tuesday in Tangletown

I was one of the people who was very sad to see the note on Bandolero’s door one morning, saying that they were closed.  I enjoyed the food and drink there despite the lack of beer selection, and I loved the outdoor patio in the summer.  But much like my past failed relationships, I have moved on and started fresh as The Publican opens its doors this Tuesday, December 27th, in Bandolero’s old locale at 2253 N 56th Street.

I was privileged to attend their soft opening tonight, where beer and food samples were on hand to give us a taste of what’s to come next week.  The overall look inside hasn’t changed too much from its predecessor, but The Publican has some very big differences that are sure to bring in the crowds.

First, the beer.  The Publican has 21 taps for craft beer, and offers an incredible selection from an efficient storage system.  I sampled Fremont Brewing’s Publican IPA, made special for the occasion, but was excited to see a selection of stouts, saison, porters and pilsners accompanying the IPA choices. If you don’t want a beer on tap, just try their bottle selection – no wait, scratch that.  There is NO bottle selection.  Instead, there is a substantial menu of canned beers, which makes for a refreshing change.

One thing I love is that even though I’m a craft beer fan and was thrilled with my options, I can bring my non-beer loving friends here too.  Like Bandolero, they offer a hefty tequila selection (0ver 30 tequilas), a full bar, and a decent red and white wine cache.

Wondering what you’re in for with food at The Publican?  To start with, you’ll find brunch available all day, every day.  Although the menu hasn’t been entirely firmed up yet, you’ll find corned beef hash, salmon hash, two kinds of Eggs Benedict, Belgian waffles, and family style hash browns on the side.  You’ll also be treated to sausages and beef ground IN-house, grass-fed beef, and house-made sauces.  Tonight, I sampled the hand cut frites with two different sauces for dipping – a chipotle, and a curry ketchup.

The Publican comes to us from the same folks behind Brouwer’s Cafe in Fremont, and is excited to be opening in the Tangletown location between Green Lake and Wallingford.  Welcome to the neighborhood, Publican!

4 responses to “New Pub & Eatery ‘The Publican’ Opens Tuesday in Tangletown

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  2. A place for brunch with no kids allowed sounds AWESOME. Viva La Adults!

  3. Coming from a very large family myself, where I am surrounded by lovely children all of the time, it is nice once in awhile to be able to relax and have a quiet brunch without all the little cooes and lullabies that children consider conversation. My husband and I enjoy the great little escapes we take from our children and grandchildren to keep our own sanity. Thank you Publican, we will be visiting you soon.

  4. Open for brunch, but no kids allowed?

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