New Shows coming up at the Bathhouse

After going to see Mauritius at Seattle Public Theatre and being thoroughly entertained, I was glad to get the announcement yesterday for the TWO new shows coming up for the holidays.  Here is the synopsis from the SPT Website:

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever: December 10th through the 24th

As the infamous Herdman clan take over the church pageant, everyone’s traditional notions of Christmas are challenged. See how a story can transform us all, even when told by a misfit group of kids in bedsheets.


Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol: December 3rd through 24th

We all know the story of Ebenezer Scrooge…what ever happened to Jacob Marley? Chained and shackled, Marley is condemned to a hellish eternity. He’s even given his own private tormentor: a malicious little hell-sprite who thoroughly enjoys his work. Desperate, Marley accepts his one chance to free himself: To escape his own chains,he must first redeem Scrooge. So begins a journey of laughter and terror, redemption and renewal. Featuring Vincent Delaney, Alyssa Keene, Jim Lapan, and Patrick Lennon. Directed by Keith Dahlgren.

I hope I get a chance to go see both these shows!

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